The ScottishPower Energy People Trust APPROVED Applications to Date
Organisation Project Summary Expected Number of Individuals Expected Number of Households Trustees Meeting Funding Amount Approved
North View Housng Association Ltd To provide 4 disadvantaged young people with accommodation for approx 2 years with a view to them sustaining their own tenancy and gaining employment. To assist disadvantaged young people in achieving personal, social and economic independence - money provides help with fuel bills/associated costs. 4 4 08-Dec-05 £12,000.00
Starter Packs Dundee To help fund starter packs and the services that manages these for homeless and needy individuals in the Dundee area who are setting up a new home. These provide, for example, basic household goods, bedding and curtains to relieve the financial pressure, allowing them to buy food, heat/light their home etc. 500 500 08-Dec-05 £12,000.00
Lothian and Edinburgh Environmental Partnership (LEEP) The project will help families with young children who are having difficulty heating their homes adequately at an affordable cost. It will establish a specialist unit to ensure the youngest and newest members of society are able to live in homes that won't compromise their health. It involves preventative talks and face-to-face reactive advice and referrals. A new post will be created at LEEP to deliver the project. 40 Community Groups (approx 400 people) + 200 Families 08-Dec-05 £117,620.00
SCARF (Save Cash and Reduce Fuel) To provide grant assistance and advice to deliver energy efficiency and income maximisation services to households that would otherwise slip through the net by way of a bespoke referral scheme to help target, improving warmth of homes and maximising incomes. 600 600 08-Dec-05 £76,744.00
Greater Manchester North Energy Efficiency Advice Centre The aim of Affordable Warmth Access Referral Mechanism (AWARM) is to combine access to grants and schemes, energy efficiency advice and information with access to Credit Union facilities, maximising income through welfare benefits and reducing household outgoings. AWARM will work by delivering training to front line home visiting staff to identify the fuel poor and then provide a system to allow the easy triggering of a range of intervention measures including Warm Front/EE grants, benefits checks and credit union services etc. 200 200 08-Mar-06 £20,500.00
Christians Against Poverty (CAP) CAP is a national debt counselling charity that offers hope to vulnerable and disadvantaged families. The project aims to part fund the salary costs for the centre managers at 3 new debt-counselling centres in Macclesfield, Fleetwood and Scarborough. The centre managers who make initial visits, sort through client's finances, compile financial statements and establish CAP accounts as well as liaise with the council, water and energy suppliers to establish affordable payments are pivotal to the success of the centre and CAP's service. 207   08-Mar-06 £9,000.00
Dundee City Council The project aims to help people at the point of crisis by providing £30 worth of electricity (tokens) to each person referred to Dundee Energy Efficiency Advice Project by the local social work team as a result of self disconnection. These clients are usually young families with children who have no money to feed their prepayment meter and who have already exhausted their emergency supply. As part of the project, and to prevent reoccurrence, each client will have to agree to a home visit where low energy light bulbs will be distributed, where they will be given advice on saving money and energy in the home as well as a benefits health check. 130   08-Mar-06 £2,900.00
Westcountry Energy Action The project involves FEBS enhancing an existing scheme that provides grants for loft and cavity wall insulation and energy efficiency advice. FEBS will complement this scheme by specifically targeting families with young children and young people in wards with a high incidence of fuel poverty. The existing project will expand to include developing partnerships with pre-school, social and youth services and identifying a range of family support org's. A programme will then be developed to educate on energy efficiency in the home, the health implications of cold damp houses, increase the uptake of insulation and heating grants as well as ensure the maximisation of benefits. 2,000 2,000 08-Mar-06 £49,950.00
Adactus Housing Association Limited The project involves targeting 300 local households to give them advice on energy efficiency in their own homes, empowering local community groups to be able to disseminate this advice themselves and increase the number of residents accessing energy saving products and home improvements including those funded through government grant schemes. A full time energy advisor will be employed to carry out this work, respond to info requests, and promote the agenda through local community events and talks at public meetings and schools. 150 150 08-Mar-06 £34,336.50
Granton Information Centre The project aims to tackle fuel poverty by increasing household disposable income. This will be done by raising awareness of welfare benefit, pension credit and tax credit entitlement as well as fuel poverty issues and energy efficiency measures, ensuring maximum take up. The objectives of the project will be met by actively assisting entitled non-recipients to make claims and representing them where there is a dispute, as well as providing advice sessions, innovative awareness raising and training sessions. 250   08-Mar-06 £29,866.00
Blackpool Council & Blackpool Primary Care Trust Affordable Warmth Partnership The project aims to combat the fact that people eligible for measures to improve the warmth in their homes are not accessing them by focusing on those with illnesses linked to inadequately heated homes and investigating why they do/don't engage with available initiatives. The project will engage health/social care professionals, doctor's surgeries and group practices as well as Sure Start, children's centres and local schools for referrals. It will enable direct contact to establish the adequacy of warm home provision, establish why this is the case - what the barriers to take up are as well as enable corrective action to be taken for those not accessing the benefits, schemes available. 2,000   08-Mar-06 £95,000.00
Rhyl & District Womens Aid The project aims to provide crisis funding to cover the energy (gas and electricity) costs at a 4 bedroom women's refuge and outreach office which provides support, information refuge, resettlement and outreach for women who are being physically, emotionally or mentally abused. 29 29 08-Mar-06 £2,000.00
Calman Trust Ltd The programme aims to enable young people living in Bed and Breakfast accommodation to prepare for having their own tenancy, aware of the costs and living on a budget. This will include awareness of fuel costs, how to heat their homes efficiently and savings options. The project will provide essential preparation for the time when they have their first home of their own, usually without the support of family. It has been devised with the help of young people and will be co-delivered by a young person who has been long term homeless. 42   08-Mar-06 £11,500.00
South Hams Citizens Advice Bureau The project is an income maximisation programme which uses a specialist benefits caseworker to identify additional income for young families, young people under 16, people with mental health problems and lone parents. The aim is to link up with the local youth enquiry service, home start, the local credit union and local parent support groups to run outreach sessions to raise awareness of entitlements and grants that might be available and to assist in the claiming of those entitlements and encourage take up. Outreach work will take place in community locations accessed by young people, through health visitors and GP surgeries. 125 50 02-June-06 £12,132.00
Inverness Woman's Aid The project aims to supply energy efficient washing machines, curtains with thermal linings, duvets with a high TOG rating and to provide bedding and towels for the woman's aid refuge. This will help to maximise the womens’ incomes when it is very limited and will encourage them to use energy efficient products when they are re-housed. 83 50 02-June-06 £5,467.00
The Rights Project The project will provide benefit and money advice in partnership with family support services for families with children and young people to reduce child poverty and social and financial exclusion. The project will make its services more accessible by utilising family support services and strenghening and developing partnerships with Health Visitors, nurseries and primary schools. The funding will enable the provision of a weekly benefit and money advice session. The project will contribute to the reduction of poverty and social exclusion by targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged families and their children. 690 230 02-June-06 £22,865.00
Derby City Mission The project involves the provision of free debt advice with ongoing support that may include the provision of a food parcel to people in the disadvantaged areas of Derby. Almost all clients are fuel poor due to low incomes. The service users include those suffering mental health problems as well as single parent families and those who are disabled. 660 220 02-June-06 £4,400.00
Isle of Anglesey County Council Targeted at the most deprived wards on Anglesey, the project will fuind a Welfare Benefits Officer who will identify homes which qualify for an energy efficiency grant and to have their home insulated free of charge. The Officer will carry out benefits health checks and also refer householders to the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme in Wales.   5,626 02-June-06 £23,551.00
RSABI The project involves establishing a fund which will be used for the payment of fuel bills for people experiencing severe hardship at the point of crisis. This could be caused by an event which puts extreme pressure on their income or their income is severely curtailed. Payment will be made directly to the fuel provider. Beneficiaries will be families with young children and the elderly living on extremely modest incomes. 200 95 02-June-06 £15,000.00
Dundee Woman's Aid The project aims to cover all heating and lighting costs for the first four weeks of residency once a woman leaves the refuge, providing help and security for women and their dependents when they are settling into their new accomodation and are coping with the economic pressure of being uprooted. The project will then help cover half the costs of the next four weeks, thus allowing the women and their dependents to concentrate on building their confidence, preparing for moving and resettling into a new community and as part of budget work on a low income. The prject also involves the provision of grants towards the purchase of energy efficient goods when they move into their own accomodation.   60 02-June-06 £4,944.00
Drumchapel Law and Money Advice Centre The project will specialise in providing advice, information and representation service to young people and families with vulnerable children. By encouraging the uptake of benefit and tax credit entitlements, the project will seek to reduce the level of income spent on non essential debts, encourage more efficient use of fuel and promote cheaper methods of paying for fuel. Employing one part time money advisor, the service will be delivered on an outreach and referral basis. 500 400 02-June-06 £21,559.00
Netherley Citizens Advice Bureau The project aims to alleviate fuel poverty by working towards the eradication of disconnection, the fitting of pre-payment meters and empowering clients to self help. To do this, the project will address the causes of debt, address persistent billing problems, the issues around pre-payment meters, fuel competition, the symptoms and causes of fuel poverty, increase health and well being and work with ScottishPower to help those who are identified as being in danger of imminent disconnection. The target groups will include young people, children in low-income households, older people, the sick and disabled, lone parents and the unemployed.   360 02-June-06 £66,093.00
South East Wales Energy Agency The main aims of the project are to raise awareness of fuel poverty and reduce fuel poverty amongst residents with health problems. A simple way for people to get help to improve their living conditions can be achieved by the provision of Key Workers to advise clients on how they can get the advice or measures they need. The project is aimed at homeowners who have a health condition or are at risk of developing one if insulation and/or heating measures are not installed. The funding will be used to set up a Crisis Fund to help those in desperate need and those who fall outside existing schemes. The fund could be used, for example, to provide immediate repairs for boilers where there is a desperate need such as those with a critical illness, young children or those in severe fuel poverty. 168 70 02-June-06 £59,600.00
Energy Solutions (North West London) The objective of this project is to increase the disposable income of lower income families through benefits health checks, reducing energy consumption and the provision of budget management advice. The project will also increase the warmth and comfort of lower income families and reduce cold related illnesses through improved insulation measures, draught proofing, better heating control and the implementation of simple energy efficiency measures. It is aimed at low income families who currently make up only 3% of the annual Warm Front referrals. 1,320 600 02-June-06 £35,274.84
Clydebank Unemployed Community Resource Centre The project will establish a full time Welfare Rights Service consisting of a money/debt and welfare advice service. This will be managed by the Clydebank Unemployed Community Resource Centre through housing association premises and will involve outreach services and home visits. The service will be available to all residents of Faifley but will particularly focus on the needs of those affected by fuel poverty, low income and debt. Home visits will be provided where required for the elderly, disabled and other housebound clients. 1,700 400 02-June-06 £13,340.00
The Action Group The project will recruit a full time family advisor to work with families who have children with disabilities. The aim is to maximise income through benefit entitlements, provision of debt analysis, the production of debt management plans and to negotiate with debtors. Where preferred, home visits will be offered. The scheme aims to achieve benefit income of £100,000 per year, giving families better resources to manage their income. The cost of raising a child with disabilities is three times higher than that of bringing up other children, leaving many families facing poverty and social exclusion. Parents with children with disabilities have higher fuel bills, equalling greater levels of fuel poverty. 60 30 02-June-06 £24,585.00
Barnardos The project provides a range of support services for vulnerable young people leaving care or who are homeless. The aim is to enable them to live as independent members of society. This means acquiring secure and safe accomodation and learning skills to live confidently and independently. The project will appoint a personal advisor for every young person leaving local authority care; a needs assessment for 16-17 year olds who are homeless and in need and tenancy support packages for young people as they embark on living independently. 70 70 02-June-06 £22,000.00
Contact a Family This project is a two year campaign to encourage families with disabled children to apply for the benfits they are entitled to. The aim is to generate media coverage about families’ rights and through a UK wide campaign which will involve producing new information materials on key benefits and offering specialist welfare rights advice to families via a freephone helpline. The appointment of an Information Officer will give a local presence who can work within the community to raise awareness within these families and encourage them to claim the benefits they are due. This will signifcantly strengthen the ability to help families in severe difficulty.   5,000 02-June-06 £30,000.00
Quarriers The project will promote energy efficiency to the people who are regarded as some of the most disadvantaged in the community and also the hardest to reach. These include people with disabilities, young people who are, or are at risk of being, homeless, families experiencing poverty and exclusion and carers. Quarriers staff are known and trusted by people in these groups and are therefore able to deliver knowledge and understanding on energy efficiency. This will enable the most vulnerable and difficult to reach people in the community to tackle fuel poverty.   2,000 02-June-06 £9,205.00
The Sunni Muslim Association The project aims to tackle fuel poverty, raise awareness of energy efficiency measures and curb CO2 emissions initially within Cheetham Hill, but also spreading into other communities within Greater Manchester. The funding allows for the appointment of an outreach worker that will speak the predominant languages within the area and gather information on the levels of insulation within homes and those that have high fuel bills. This will allow areas to be prioritised for insulation schemes and benefit entitlement work liaising with benefit agencies or other impartial benefit entitlement check agencies. The prioject involves the provision of free impartial advice on energy efficiency and the savings this can bring to fuel bills. 6,000 1,800 02-June-06 £39,786.00
National Energy Action (NEA) The SMILE training project has three key objectives. First, to deliver a training programme delivering 40 training sessions to Sure Start staff and others who work with families with young children on how to recognise the links between clients' poor health and them living in cold damp homes and on how to communicate energy efficiency issues effectively. Second, to administer a hardship fund to low-income families with children who are not eligible for Warm Front or EEC and who may need assistance to pay off small debts or with costs towards energy saving measures and household appliances. Third, to undertake local profiling in each area to ensure the training is specific, tailored and relevant and to establish effective referral mechanisms for further advice and support for families struggling to pay their fuel bills.   800 02-June-06 £53,938.00
Newcastle Warm Zone The aim of the project is to recruit one Benefits Advisor for a maximum two year fixed term contract until completion of the NWZ project in 2008 to work with the existing NWZ team. The Benefits Advisor will provide a comprehensive benefits advice service, including benefits health checks and further active claims assistance (such as selected home visits to assist with completing forms, dealing with ongoing claim correspondence etc) to help maximise the secured income gains for each claimant. Furthermore, this Benefits Advisor will have a special responsibility to deliver this comprehensive service to households living in fuel poverty that include children under 16 years old. This benefits advice work will also increase the installation of free energy efficiency measures by securing more qualifying benefits for householders. 8,800 4,000 02-June-06 £49,287.00
Venture Trust The project aims to help one young person in financial difficulty cover her heating payments and pay off her fuel debts over a two year period. 1 1 06-Oct-06 £650
Walsall Money Advice Project (Walsall Comm. Church) The project aims to have a direct impact on the level of poverty for many people living in the borough of Walsall by providing specialist advice and support to the many organisations that do not have the resources to engage in the provision of a combined welfare rights and debt counselling service to those who are excluded from mainstream advice services because of disability and social exclusion. The project focuses on those suffering with mental health problems, the elderly, physically disabled and ethnic minority groups. The funding will cover the cost of employing and supporting a specialist advice worker providing face to face debt, energy and welfare rights advice. 600 1,000 06-Oct-06 £18,220
Dumfries & Galloway Citizens Advice Bureau The project aims to establish and develop a specialist service aimed primarily at 'actively engaging' low income families, lone parents, extending to vulnerable, hard to reach groups of people (i.e. older people, minority ethnic community) across Dumfries & Galloway to maximise their income, reduce fuel / household poverty and improve the quality of their lives. The funding will cover the cost of employing two welfare benefits specialists who will carry out benefits checks, assist at welfare benefit appeal tribunals, advising of sources of grant funding for energy efficiency measures, issue information leaflets and refer internally or externally for appropriate advice and assistance. 2,300 1,500 06-Oct-06 £126,046.28
Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council The Council's private sector housing team within community housing, experience a number of service requests from households with children and some over 60 households whose primary space and/or water heating system has failed during the winter months. A number of these households are those waiting for warm front grant application to come through. The majority can ill afford to finance the repairs or replacement of the broken appliance or cannot have difficulties finding a heating engineer to carry out repairs or replacement of the failed appliance. The projects aims to secure funding to make available through their Care and Repair Agency a number of potable electric space and water heaters that can be loaned out to these vulnerable households. 100 40 06-Oct-06 £8,100
Dundee Anti-Poverty Forum The project aims to establish an advice service for families who exist on low fixed incomes with an end objective of maximising their income by ensuring they receive the full range of benefits that they are entitled to. The funding will allow DAPF to recruit a part-time income maximisation officer who will have clients referred to them by 2 satellite projects - Kiddie Kare and the Health Visitor Service whose workers visit all families with young children and who are also the main referrers to Kiddie Kare. The officer's role will be to maximise the income of the client families referred to them and to refer them on to other services such as health advice, fuel poverty and energy awareness as well community legal advice etc that may be of benefit to them. 1000 500 06-Oct-06 £32,902.83
CLIC Sargent Scotland The project aims to provide crisis funds to families who have had a child diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia, as this can often mean unexpected financial burdens such as loss of income if a parent has to give up work to become a full-time carer, household bills, travel or special equipment such as a bath lift or installing a shower unit. For some families there may also come a time when they need help with funeral bills. This funding will enable CLIC Sargent to provide 150 grants to these vulnerable families. 150 150 06-Oct-06 £15,000
Onthank Energy The project aims to improve thermal insulation, increase awareness of energy efficiency and maximise the income of households in a recognised Fuel Poverty (FP) area identified by East Ayrshire Council’s FP Mapping Indicator. Every household will be contacted and offered free insulation measures and income maximisation advice. The project will take a co-ordinated approach by installing measures, providing advice and energy lessons to the two schools in the area. Each householder will also be provided with energy efficient light bulbs. 400 400 06-Oct-06 £105,000
Income Maximisation & Debt Advice for Families in Fuel Poverty The project will fund a rural advice worker who will provide equality of access to advice, information and advocacy service to residents in rural areas. The advice worker will inform and assist people living in these areas in accessing specialist advice and support to ensure they are aware of any financial benefits available to them and to help in making appropriate applications and in dealing with the benefit agencies. The project aims to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged and socially isolated families and individuals. 400 400 06-Oct-06 £30,941
Reaching Out The project involves employing a full time worker for one year to develop and deliver a new advice service to families in Sheffield who are living in fuel poverty and who need assistance with fuel and other debts as well as advice regarding income maximisation. The main aim of the project will be to increase household disposable income. The project will also develop referral mechanisms with local people and with people that work with families i.e. Tenancy Support Workers, Schools, and Nurseries, Women's Support Organisations and Health Workers. The project worker will arrange talks to community groups to promote take up of benefits and to promote the service. 100 50 06-Oct-06 £28,162
POWER The project aims to reduce fuel poverty by maximising household incomes through ensuring that people receive all the benefits and any other forms of assistance to which they are entitled. This will involve funding a project worker who will provide and publicise regular benefit check sessions and help those people not presently receiving benefits, following this up with casework on their claims, including helping people with appeals against disallowance and/or alleged overpayment, particularly in regard to Working Tax Credits. Secondly the project worker will provide information on methods of reducing utility bills, by saving energy, and money advice to help people to budget their incomes. 400 100 06-Oct-06 £12,824
Home Energy Efficiency Centre The project aims to build and equip a discrete training area within an existing training centre which will provide practical energy efficiency advice to clients, many of whom are long-term unemployed, all of who are in receipt of benefits and most of whom fall into the definition of 'fuel poor'. The clients who will benefit from this project will already be enrolled on one of our training and employment initiatives under New Deal. Advice and practical help in energy efficiency will be incorporated into the client's training plan as part of our broad strategy and remit to change lifestyles and address poverty. The funding will be used to convert two offices into a training centre modelled on a typical domestic flat, where all appliances will be attached to meters that show power usage as well as paying 50% of the cost of employing a training and development officer. 210 105 06-Oct-06 £27,165
Centre for Sustainable Energy The overall aim of the project is to improve the lives of people in Bristol who are living in cold, damp homes, or who are struggling to pay fuel bills and are at risk of, (or already have) fallen into arrears. This will be done by identifying these groups, clearing debts, supporting clients through the application for state benefits to which they are entitled, ensuring grant aided energy efficiency measures are installed wherever possible and providing advice on behavioural changes that can reduce future energy use, thus saving more money. The project will also enable the creation of a centralised fuel poverty referral system, will run a range of outreach events and follow up every client to ensure the services are fully accessed. 650 1,300 06-Oct-06 £125,296
Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund Health Through Warmth helps those with long term debilitating illness to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by facilitating the installation of energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation and providing heating when this is required. The project involves training key workers in the community i.e. social workers, health visitors, and environmental health officers as well as many local agencies such as Age Concern, Care & Repair, Citizens Advice Bureau and Home Care Agencies so that they are able to identify families and individuals who are in need of assistance. This funding will allow the project to operate a crisis fund to assist those with health conditions who don't qualify for any other grant funding. Typical situations where the crisis fund would be used are when e.g. a client's boiler is broken down but they don't have the resources to repair it, where bedrooms have no heating, where additional radiators or temporary heaters are required, and for clients off thegas network where grant funding for fuel efficient systems is not available. 45 15 06-Oct-06 £25,000
Eileanan Blath - meaning Warm Isles (Islands) The aim of the project is to improve the insulation levels of properties that fall outwith the current insulation grant schemes where the residents are at the greatest risk of living in fuel poverty. The project is located in the Western Isles, where poor weather and the high use of heating systems contribute to the high cost of heating homes. The project focuses in particular on the disabled, elderly and vulnerable, who have old heating systems in their homes and have limited pensions or incomes. The funding will pay for the measures and staffing costs and is expected to assist 90 households out of fuel poverty by offering a tailored package of insulation and a home visit offering energy efficiency advice (a service not currently available in the Western Isles). 200 90 06-Oct-06 £75,000
Wiltshire Wildlfe Trust With a priority focus on families with young children and young people, the project will develop a high profile, sustainable programme of activities in Swindon to take action, which results in a significant and measurable reduction in fuel poverty and carbon emissions across the borough. The grant will fund the recruitment and training of a full time Swindon Energy Officer who will promote energy efficiency advice via a free phone advice line, establish an energy advice network for families with young children and young people, establish energy advice surgeries and displays, deliver presentations to community groups, run events, respond to requests for home visits and provide a signposting service for available grants. The project will work in partnership with voluntary and statutory organisations to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce the proportion of household income spent on fuel in the Swindon area. 3,375 2,250 07-Dec-06 £90,114.00
Age Concern Sunderland The project aims to increase awareness of financial and practical assistance to help older people achieve affordable warmth through grants and other schemes. This will be accomplished by reaching out to older people in the community who may be unable to access energy efficiency and benefit advice or who were unaware of Age Concern Sunderland. The project will also provide advice on energy saving methods such as cavity wall insulation, and will distribute materials such as fleece throws, thermometers, energy efficient light bulbs and carbon monoxide detector patches. The funding will be used to purchase these materials.   2,000 1,000 07-Dec-06 £1,000.00
Adactus Housing Association This project aims to work along side and build on the work of the first Manchester Energy Advice Project run by Adactus Housing Association, which has already been funded by the Trust, by extending the project’s target area into the Rusholme area of Manchester. The project gives energy efficiency advice to people in their own homes, promotes this agenda in the local community, empowers local community groups to disseminate this advice and aims to increase the number of residents accessing energy saving products – including those funded by government grant schemes. For the second year, the project seeks to distribute Electrisave units to at least 10% of project beneficiaries. The unit allows customers to see, in real time how much electricity is used and how much it costs. A full time energy advisor will continue to be employed to carry out this work. 420 225 07-Dec-06 £37,615.00
Kirkless Warm Zone The project aims recruit, train and support one Benefits Screener on a one year contract to work within SKCAB. The Screener will provide a comprehensive assessment including benefits health checks and further active claims assistance where required. They will have a special responsibility to deliver this service to households living in fuel poverty that include children under 16 years old. The benefits screening work will also increase the installation of free energy efficiency measures by securing more qualifying benefits for householders. The Benefits Screener will work closely with the KWZ team, ensuring the most comprehensive, co-ordinated and effective service provision. 9,000 4,050 07-Dec-06 £31,283.00
South Yorkshire Energy Network Warm Start will provide energy efficiency education and support to low-income families and their support agencies in the most deprived neighbourhoods in Sheffield, ensuing that babies and children are not living in cold, damp homes and that their families are assisted to achieve comfortable warmth through energy efficiency measures, income maximisation and behavioural changes. The project aims to increase awareness of fuel poverty and energy efficiency, provide affordable warmth training and information packs to organisations in contact with vulnerable families, increase the number of families accessing grants and measures, train and support “energy champions” in the community, reduce the number of families using pre-payment meters and the increased take up of cost effective dual fuel payments with competitive suppliers, reduce the number of homes with condensation and damp and reduce the number of children admitted to hospital from cold related illnesses exacerbated by their living conditions.  12,225 4,075 07-Dec-06 £51,875.00
Age Concern Torbay The project will continue to employ 3 full time posts and 1 part time post, with a continued focus on aiming to provide up-to-date information on options, awareness of scams, advice on keeping warm and budgeting and staying out of fuel debt. It aims to carry out quick benefit checks, help with grant applications, with visits to hard to reach people and signposts to groups like Warm Front and Affordable Warmth. It also raises awareness by providing group talks. With a linkage to the Age Concern Torbay Handyperson Scheme, one of the aims of the project is to install and distribute energy saving and safety measures to 250 people. 700 500 01-March-07 £50,000
King George Bootle Community Credit Union The project's mission is to address the financial exclusion faced by many in the locality, by encouraging regular saving, provision of affordable credit and access to services run by other partners for example EAGA / Warm Front. Developing a service that delivers a crisis intervention fund and facilitate a network of partners that can offer services such as referrals to Warm Front, Family Support, identify fuel poor families and measures that will eradicate fuel poverty. To increase incomes, strengthen the local economy and build confidence in the local communities. 300 200 01-March-07 £58,323
North & West Sutherland Advice Service The aim of the project is to help those suffering hardship through poverty and fuel poverty or in a crisis situation in a remote and rural part of North & West Sutherland. The project will offer free impartial advice & information including benefits checks, income maximisation, housing, community care and local information. Funding will be used to pay fuel bills on the client's behalf or to purchase electric meter cards. The purchase of new white goods, where clients old goods are beyond repair, will reduce the client's electric bill as the new item will be more energy efficient. 40 30 01-March-07 £7,500
East Ayrshire Carers Centre The project aims to carry out benefit health checks and maximising the incomes of families registered with the carers centre who are experiencing difficulties with household finances. It will help identify and support new carers, support families in a crisis situation such as fuel arrears, debt & eviction. Training & education programmes will be delivered in subjects such as Money Management to ensure carers manage their future finances on an ongoing basis. 500 500 01-March-07 £80,000
Community One Stop Shop The Community One Stop Shop requires funding to provide a local advice, information, support and advocacy service in the deprived areas of Broomhouse, North Sighthill and surrounding areas in Edinburgh.  The grant will primarily be used to provide advice to clients experiencing issues with their bills/debts, carry out benefits health checks and income maximisation exercises for their clients including providing energy efficiency advice.  They aim to target families with young children, young people setting up home for the first time and vulnerable older people.  The funding will be used to fund part of the Information and Development workers annual salary. 450 300 June-07 30,000
Ormlie Community Association In the Caithness area a fifth of the population (5k) are estimated to be fuel poor. The Caithness Energy Advice Project aims to reduce this number by carrying out energy surveys for vulnerable households.  Once the survey is complete they provide advice on energy tariffs, energy efficiency measures and grants available, and refer customers to the relevant agency to maximise income.  In addition the project provides volunteering opportunities thereby providing work experience to help individuals back into work. Research is also undertaken with the aim of improving housing design.  Funding will provide a new full-time or 2 part-time posts and pay for 8 hours of an existing Administration post.   2,000 690 June-07 89,126.68
Care & Repair in Dumfries & Galloway Care & Repair in Dumfries and Galloway Help With Heating project aims to provide elderly and vulnerable people within the private housing sector with temporary heating when their heating/hot water systems have failed and need to be replaced / repaired.  In certain circumstances the project will provide householders with heating for the first time.  160 104 June-07 94,680
Deaf Advice Service Sheffield The Deaf Advice Service in Sheffield are applying for funding for a dedicated part time Advice Worker to provide, an income maximisation service (BHC), advocacy at benefit appeals where necessary, help with debt problems and raise awareness of fuel issues, i.e. energy efficiency.  The service will be provided in British Sign Language to a client group who are generally excluded from this type of information (as the media is unsuitable) and who are particularly vulnerable economically, 95% of their clients are in receipt of welfare benefits and living on the poverty line.  The project is requesting funding for 2 years.  1,000 400 June-07 33,866.31
Tranmere Alliance This project aims to help vulnerable customers (i.e. families, unemployed and elderly) in the socially and economically deprived area of Tranmere in, or at risk of, fuel poverty.  The project will aim to do this through income maximisation (benefit health checks), raising awareness of energy efficiency grants and advice available, addressing clients energy debts and providing support at court if needed.  The project will employ a part time worker to deal specifically with client's energy queries, either through home visits, or when clients phone or visit the existing Tranmere Alliance advice service. 1,500 750 June-07 11,149
Independent Living Support The Empowering People Project has two elements aimed to help their clients manage their energy.  One element of the project provides crisis funding to clients in a range of circumstances ranging from £20 per month to £80 a month.  The second element of the project Accessing Utilities and Landlords Project will encourage clients to manage their energy account responsibly i.e. register with their fuel provider when they take up tenancy; budget effectively to ensure fuel payments can be maintained and where necessary to negotiate debt payments / issues with energy suppliers and other bodies i.e. local housing authority.  The project will provide the facilities for their clients to contact their supplier or housing authority and a part time worker to support them through these processes.  The client group is varied and includes young people aged between 16-25, adults up to the age of 60, clients who may be making the transition from homelessness to their first tenancy, ex offenders or substance abusers.   1,030 1,030 June-07 54,991
Netherley Citizens Advice Bureau Netherley Citizens Advice Bureau Debt and Disconnection Prevention Service has previously been funded by the Trust.  This project provides a comprehensive service to help vulnerable customers, out of fuel poverty or prevent them going into fuel poverty in the first place.   The project works with a variety of organisations to identify those in need and provides help and advice on alleviating fuel debt, preventing disconnection, empowering clients through budgeting skills, energy efficiency advice, and maximising income through Benefit Health Checks.  The funding being requested is to pay for two full time workers and 1 part time worker for 1 year to continue their work in Liverpool with a range of vulnerable groups i.e. young people, families elderly and lone parents. 500 360 June-07 66,360.50
Manchester Care & Repair Safe & Warm Homes aims to alleviate fuel poverty for older and other vulnerable people within the Trafford area of Manchester.  Customers can access this service directly or, are referred via statutory and voluntary agencies have the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their home through energy efficiency advice, applications for Warm Front grants and through energy related home repairs provided by the project.  In addition household incomes will be addressed through income maximisation checks and benefit applications.  All clients will receive at least one home visit.  Funds will provide for 3 part time workers.  This project has been going for one year and has been previously funded by the Big Lottery.   240 150 June-07 30,000
Granton Information Centre This project is currently funded by the Trust and is seeking a further years funding to continue tackling poverty in the North Edinburgh Area.  Funding will provide for one full time worker who will aim to increase the income of clients through, benefit health checks, raising awareness regarding energy efficiency measures and through educating clients on how to manage household incomes more effectively.  The target group is all entitled non-recipients of welfare benefits and tax credits in the North Edinburgh area.  350 200 June-07 31,281.26
Energy Centre for Sustainable Communities East Sussex Healthy Homes are requesting funding to build on the success of an existing energy efficiency project by targeting a new client group, families on low incomes.   This will include single parent families and those with children with disabilities.  Working with a number of organisations in the area data will be used to identify four zones at particular risk of fuel poverty and target specific households to provide energy efficiency advice and fit energy efficiency measures.  In addition the project will create and deliver fuel poverty awareness sessions, provide training for organisations that work directly with the target group to generate referrals for energy efficient measures and provide energy efficiency advice to the target audience.  The project will also run 'family fun days' to raise energy efficiency awareness directly with the target group. 1,300 320 June-07 48,650
Anchor Staying Put Brighton and Hove Keep the Home Fires Burning is requesting funds to continue their existing project which improves the energy efficiency and general condition of homes of elderly people  and expand the client group to include families with disabled children. The funding will provide training for health workers and other local organisations to generate referrals of vulnerable families to Home Fires.  Home Fires will then become a Case Manager for the clients visiting them in the home to carry out an energy audit and provide help to apply for energy grants where applicable.  In addition any housing repairs required, to improve or maintain the health and safety of the home, will also be considered by the health worker.  The final element of this project is the provision of emergency heating when a clients heating breaks down.  The Project will employ 2 part time workers.  435 435 June-07 76,410
RSABI RSABI are reapplying for funds to continue the Crisis Fund established last year through funds awarded by The Trust.  The funding will be used to provide crisis funding for the payment of fuel bills for people experiencing severe hardship and are in fuel poverty.  Payments will be made directly to fuel providers.  In addition individuals in receipt of the crisis funding will be provided with a benefits check and helped to make sure that they apply for energy grants to which they are eligible. 250 150 June-07 34,500
SCARF North East Cosy Homes are requesting a second year of funding to continue to provide grant assistance and advice to deliver energy efficiency and income maximisation services to households that would otherwise slip through the net by way of a bespoke referral scheme. 43,925 750 June-07 86,300
South Bradford Community Network The Reducing Fuel Poverty project aims to support families who have fuel related debts in the South Bradford area by promoting the maximisation of family income, minimising fuel debt and promoting fuel savings.  Maximising income will be achieved through Welfare Benefits Checks to ensure families are receiving all they are entitled to.  For families who have unmanageable fuel debts minimising fuel debt will be achieved by helping clients apply to Charitable Trusts for financial assistance.  Promoting fuel savings will be achieved through helping clients achieve the most economic fuel supplier, and be more energy efficient by applying for EEC grants where applicable.  A combination of home visits and appointments at their premises will be undertaken.  The project will employ one part time worker. 1000 3500 Sept-07 38,478
Falkirk Council Project Bright Spark aims to help 18-21 year old adults who have just left care, lone parent and young families dependent on state benefits in the Falkirk Council area by providing crisis funding and access to Benefit Health Checks, energy efficiency advice and measures.  Clients will access these benefits by self referral to Social work offices through the winter months when they have requested financial assistance directly associated with experiencing the effects of fuel poverty i.e. when they have used all their emergency credit.  The funding requested from the Trust will fund the £30 crisis payment and a home visit by staff from the Strathclyde and Central Energy Efficiency Advice Centre and the associated administration costs.  Funding for Energy efficiency measures and benefit health checks are being provided by other organisations. 100 100 Sept-07 10,230
National Energy Action Coventry Branch The Home Energy Advice Team, run by Coventry NEA, is seeking funding to employ a part time Project Officer for two years from April 2008.  The Project will provide a combined debt and energy efficiency advice service to help reduce fuel poverty for Black and Minority Ethnic groups and families with young children. This will be achieved through providing Home Energy Advice via surgeries, home visits, via a telephone advice and presentations to local organisations and community groups. In addition the project will provide advice, advocacy and support around all aspects of money advice including Benefit Health Checks.  This project has previously been funded by the Big Lottery. 911 1275 Sept-07 34,680.71
Clic Sargent The CLIC Sargent Charity are applying for funds to extend their crisis fund grants to young people aged 22-24 and their families in their early twenties suffering from Cancer.  Grants of £200 will be provided to the young people to help them avoid falling into Fuel Poverty due to the additional costs associated with caring for someone with Cancer and loss of income.  The project will also carry out benefit health checks to ensure the family income is maximised. 400 1600 Sept-07 82,555
Bolton Council  The Affordable Warmth Project will focus on the most deprived areas in Bolton and aims to help young people and families with young children out of fuel poverty.  They aim to do this by employing one member of staff to set up, develop and run training programmes, which address each aspect that contributes to fuel poverty and through the distribution of Energy Saver Packs.  Maximising income and fuel costs will be addressed through training to ensure clients get the best energy deal, and claim all benefits they are entitled to, and energy efficiency of the home will be improved by the distribution of the Energy Saver Packs.  The project will work with organisations in the area to generate referrals. 200 200 Sept-07 73,000
Hands on Project - Energy Efficiency Advice The Hands on Project wish to undertake an Energy Efficiency Advice Project and is requesting funding to train 10 of their volunteers to undertake the City and Guilds 6175 Energy Awareness Course.  The volunteers will then target the elderly, disabled, housebound and infirm people in the East Kilbride area registered on their database with the aim to cut cold winter deaths and help to reduce poverty and high fuel costs through raising energy efficiency awareness, to finance and budgeting.    270 270 Sept-07 7,065.28
Hyndburn Homewise Society Limited The Save Energy Save Money Project aims to reduce the number of elderly and families with young children who are unable to achieve affordable warmth living in fuel poverty in the Hynburn area.  The project aims to do this by providing energy efficiency advice, promote awareness of and access to grants available to improve the energy efficiency of homes and therefore affordable warmth, benefit health checks and provide energy efficiency measures i.e. light bulbs.  The funding will be used to employ a part-time worker 3 days a week. 500 750 Sept-07 17,250
Starter Packs Inverclyde Starter Packs Inverclyde is a charity which provides essential basic items such as, kitchen and bedding packs etc to homeless people who are moving into new tenancies. Funding provided by the Trust will pay for a number of essential items such as duvets. The Project will provide their clients with energy efficient light bulbs and advice within the Starter Packs. Funding is being requested for three years. 1,050 510 Dec-07 13,290
North Staffordshire Warm Zone The North Staffordshire Warm Zone is requesting funding for their Access to Benefits and Claim Support project. The NSWZ already provide energy efficiency advice and measures as part of their core service. The funding will allow them to continue adding value to the project as it will enable them to keep employing a full time Benefits Advisor to provide a comprehensive income maximisation service over a period of 18 months from April 2008. It is estimated that a third of all homes in the area are in fuel poverty. 18,000 7,500 Dec-07 41,354
Devon & Cornwall Housing Association Devon and Cornwall Housing Association are requesting funding for their Plymouth Warm Start Project. The Project aims to alleviate fuel poverty as a Quality of Life survey undertaken by the Housing Association in 2006/7 found that some households where paying as much as 35% of their disposable income on energy during the winter months. The Project will provide a holistic energy efficiency service ranging from installing energy efficiency/renewable energy measures, to advice on how to use a heating system correctly, and help to apply for energy efficiency measure grants. Warm Start will also help maximise tenants incomes by referring them to Devon Pound for benefit and budgeting advice. The target group for this project are new, existing tenants and young people in supported accommodation, in all cases priority will be given to families with young children. The project will run for 1 year and employ a full time worker. 38,400 16,000 Dec-07 42,250
Energy Agency The Energy Agency is requesting a years funding to target the fuel poor through the Ayr Lochside Community Energy Project. South Ayrshire Council estimate the fuel poverty index of the Ayr Lochside ward to be 58%. The Community Energy Project will carry out nearly 2,000 energy efficiency surveys in the area. Based on the surveys the Project will install free insulation measures where appropriate, provide energy efficiency advice, and finally help households maximise their income. 4,147 1,803 Dec-07 99,915
Barnardo's Barnardo’s are requesting funding for their South Ayrshire Families Service. The Project works with families who are homeless to provide individual support plans to progress recipients of the service towards sustainable tenancies. The support may include, information to help maximise income, providing emergency accommodation and energy efficiency advice. The funding will help support 1 full time Housing Support Worker for one year. 200 70 Dec-07 32,402
Alternative Technology The Alternative Technology Centre is requesting funding for the ‘SUSSED about energy in the home project’ to be delivered in the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire. The funding will provide energy efficiency advice packs, detailing various tips and provide information on the schemes and grants that are available for energy efficiency schemes. The target group is school communities i.e. children, teachers etc in areas of poor housing stock/poverty. This project will use the same model which has delivered in three other school areas in West Yorkshire. 7,500 4,500 Dec-07 24,500
Rainer Lincolnshire The Rainer Home-Start Voucher Scheme will help homeless unsupported young people in Lincolnshire who are entering a Rainer’s Hostel, semi supported or floating support services. The young people will receive vouchers of up to £50 to purchase a ‘Starter Pack’ of necessary goods such as bedding, warm clothing and food with the assistance of their Support Worker. This will allow the young person to budget their resources to cover essential costs such as heat and light (the cost of which is usually greater than 10% of their income) within the hostels and prevent them building up debts which can see them being evicted. The recipients will also be provided with an Energy Efficiency advice pack and a training course to ensure that the Project provides the young people with the tools for a sustainable approach to address fuel poverty. 210 210 Mar-08 £11,000
Middlesbrough Environment City Trust The Warmer Families Project is based in Middlesborough and is requesting funding for a part time worker to help deliver Middlesboroughs Affordable Warmth Strategy. The worker will provide support to vulnerable people in fuel poverty i.e. families with young children, young people living on their own etc. The service will be tailored to individuals and may include a range of helpful measures such as Benefit Health Checks, home energy efficiency surveys or referrals to other agencies. 520 520 Mar-08 £27,576
Lister Housing Co-operative Ltd The Lister Housing Co-operative Ltd, is requesting funding for The Lister Renewable Heritage Project. The Housing Co-operative provides affordable housing for a range of vulnerable individuals who are on low incomes and suffer from fuel poverty. The funding will pay for installing solar water heating renewable energy systems within a Conservation Area in Edinburgh to help reduce their tenants fuel bills. The Project is also seeking to establish itself as a Best Practice Guide for similar projects in the future. 71 35 Mar-08 £90,000
Groundwork Leeds Groundwork Leeds is requesting 2 years funding to secure the continuation of their successful Green Doctor project which is currently funded by the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. Green Doctor will use the funding to target a new group of clients, young people and families with children living in fuel poverty. The Green Doctors aim to reduce fuel poverty by providing a range of technical and non-technical measures. They will provide a range of services from energy efficiency advice, a home energy check, help to access energy efficiency grants, through to installing basic measures i.e. water tank jackets. The project will employ 1 full time and 3 part time workers and establish links with several local organisations i.e. Save the Children, to generate referrals to the project. 1,404 600 Mar-08 £94,620
Rushmoor Healthy Living (RHL) Fighting Fuel Poverty will be a pilot project run by Rushmoor Healthy Living charity to help vulnerable families who are at risk of fuel poverty. The Project will employ a full time Energy Bill Advisor to provide a wide range of energy efficiency services from advice, providing measures when appropriate or support to apply for energy efficiency grants from a range of organisations. A referral network will be developed between the project and other organisations to help address other issues clients may be facing such as debt. The area has a number of indices which indicate that it suffers from fuel poverty therefore the advisor will deliver a range of one to one advice surgeries and workshops in local schools and community centres, to address these 7,200 2,400 Mar-08 £75.185
The Action Group The Fuel Poverty Income Maximisation Project for Disabled Children is based in Edinburgh and is requesting funding to help families out of fuel poverty, maximise income through benefit entitlements and ensure they have access to energy efficiency advice. A one year project previously funded by the Trust demonstrated a high take up and the Action Group are looking to build upon this for a further three years so that the families of disabled children will have long-term access to affordable warmth. The funding will provide a full time Advice Worker. 560 120 June-08 £93,235
Amaze The AMAZE project is based in Brighton and is requesting funding to help tackle fuel poverty among households with disabled children. The project will provide a holistic approach to alleviating fuel poverty with a focus on income and energy efficiency. The project will be run by one member of staff and 10 volunteers who will be trained in benefits checks, energy efficiency advice and savings advice. The project expects to generate £800K extra income per year for families with disabled children. The aim is also to reduce each family’s fuel costs on average by £200 per year. The project will run for 3 years. 4,000 1,800 June-08 £90,000
Centre 70 Centre 70 is requesting funding to continue their Fuel Debt Poverty Prevention Project, which works with low-income clients in the Lambeth area of London. The funding will provide for one part time worker for two years to continue providing the comprehensive income maximisation service, including energy efficiency advice, to their clients. The project will also provide referrals to their specialist Housing service, where appropriate, to carry out household improvements. The Projects current funding provided by the British Gas Energy Trust ends on the 31/05/08. 1,200 650 June-08 £44,522
OVERALL TOTALS   221,737 91,488   3,803,533

To date (as of June 2008) the ScottishPower Energy People Trust has awarded just over 3.8m to 90 projects helping over 221,000 individuals in over 91,000 households through Britain.