CAB Debt and Disconnection Project receives funding boost

The ScottishPower’s Energy People Trust has helped Netherley Citizen’s Advice Bureau employ a trio of experts to help and advise people living in fuel poverty.

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Its “Debt and Disconnection” programme has benefited from over £66,000 in funding from the The ScottishPower Energy People Trust, which was established in November 2005 to give direct funding to organisations and groups who help those living in fuel poverty, many of whom are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Members of the Netherley initiative met with the Trustees of the charity today to present to them at one of their quarterly meetings, this time being held in Liverpool, on the difference the three new posts will make to their project and the work they have carried out so far.

Callie Mooney, of the Netherley CAB, said: ”The Debt and Disconnection project aims to alleviate fuel poverty by working towards the eradication of disconnection and empowering our clients to help themselves.

We give advice on unclaimed benefits, health and well-being, energy efficiency and any grants they may be entitled to, as well as the best ways for clients to try and manage their energy bills.”

The project addresses the cause of debt and also persistent billing problems and issues around the use of pre-payment meters.

The year long project aims to help 360 households within the Liverpool area. The group also works with ScottishPower to help those who have been identified as being in danger of imminent disconnection.

Callie said: “We have worked with ScottishPower for a while now to help people who are in danger of imminent disconnection but the additional funding we have received from The ScottishPower Energy People Trust means that we will be able to help and advise many more vulnerable people.

“The target groups that we want to help include young people, families in low income households, older people, the sick, the disabled and lone parents who need to spend more than 10% of their income on their energy needs. This funding will help make a real difference to their lives.”

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The ScottishPower's Energy People Trust has helped Netherley Citizen's Advice Bureau employ a trio of experts to help and advise people living in fuel poverty. Read more

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