The ScottishPower Energy People Trust helps 500 of Dundee's homeless start a new life

A project to help homeless people in Dundee start again in their own accommodation has assisted over 500 people since it was given a boost by the ScottishPower Energy People Trust in December last year.

Starter Packs Dundee, which was the first project in the UK to receive funding from the £2million ScottishPower Energy People Trust, has distributed vital start-up packs that help some of the city's most vulnerable people set up home in their new house or flat.

The Trust, which was set up in last November to help tackle fuel poverty, grants funds to projects around Britain that primarily help young people and families as well as other vulnerable groups who need spend more than 10 per cent of their income on their energy bills and struggle to pay.

Claire Doherty, Business and Community Relations Manager for ScottishPower, said:

"We are absolutely delighted that The ScottishPower Energy People Trust can help Dundee Starter Packs continue with their excellent work. If the Trust can assist families and young people through the transition from being on the streets or in hostels or other temporary accommodation to having a home of their own, it's very worthwhile indeed."
"The project volunteers are all too aware that fuel poverty is one if the most common problems associated with escaping homelessness. If people are given the basic goods they need when moving into their new accommodation, such as furniture, bedding and kitchen equipment, they are less likely to fall into the fuel poverty trap."

She added:

"ScottishPower is helping dozens of similar projects around Britain and it is great to see that the funds are being used to help some of the country's most vulnerable people get back on their feet and regain their independence and self worth."

Starter Packs Dundee was established five years ago to provide a package of essential items for people who have been homeless and who are moving into a new home. The packs - which are tailored according to the individual's needs include kettles, energy saving light bulbs, toilet paper, bedding, saucepans, curtains and cutlery.

Homeless people moving into a place of their own often have little money and none of the possessions that turn a roof-over-their head into a home. A starter pack donation means that their own precious funds can be used to heat their homes and buy food, thereby ensuring the move is a successful one.

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