National Energy Action (NEA)

Project Summary:

The SMILE training project has three key objectives. First, to deliver a training programme delivering 40 training sessions to Sure Start staff and others who work with families with young children on how to recognise the links between clients' poor health and them living in cold damp homes and on how to communicate energy efficiency issues effectively. Second, to administer a hardship fund to low-income families with children who are not eligible for Warm Front or EEC and who may need assistance to pay off small debts or with costs towards energy saving measures and household appliances. Third, to undertake local profiling in each area to ensure the training is specific, tailored and relevant and to establish effective referral mechanisms for further advice and support for families struggling to pay their fuel bills.

Expected Number of Households: 800

Trustees Meeting:02 June 2006

Funding Amount Approved: £53,938.00

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