Application Guidelines

Who can apply?

Applications are accepted for projects from not-for-profit organisations and groups (such as childrenís charities, local community groups, support organisations, housing associations, local authorities and others).

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Which type of projects are eligible?

Organisations and groups can apply for funding to support projects or schemes covering:

Or any combination of the above. Priority will be given to projects aimed at helping families with young children and young people.

For all projects (excluding research projects) involving crisis funding, benefits health checks or income maximisation, funding will only be given to Projects that demonstrate that energy efficiency advice/measures have already been or will be incorporated.

Please note that all projects must address fuel poverty explicitly and as the primary purpose (not just as an add on).

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What is the maximum grant available?

The ScottishPower Energy People Trust will award grant funding up to a maximum of £100,000.

Projects may be funded up to a maximum of 3 years but whatever the duration the £100,000 maximum funding limit applies to the Project.

Please note overheads/administration costs should not exceed 15% of the overall funding requested, unless in exceptional circumstances where a reason should be included.

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Who can't apply?

Applications cannot be accepted from individuals or profit-making organisations. Furthermore, funding will not be granted to cover payment of debt such as:

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Application Guidelines

Please follow the relevant guidelines for your project outlined below.

All projects:

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How do I apply?

Simply complete the online application form. Completed applications should be submitted online prior to the screening deadline (see details below).

Screening deadline Final application deadline Trustees' meeting dates
Seven weeks prior to meeting Four weeks prior to meeting First week of Mar., Jun., Sept., Dec.

For actual meeting dates and deadlines click here

If you have any questions relating to your application please e-mail us directly at or call Carol Dunne on 0141 568 3265 and ask for the ScottishPower Energy People Trust.

Please Note: Only one application will be accepted per organisation per Trusteesí Meeting.

Where exceptionally, an applicant is unable to access our online system, hard copy applications will be accepted.

Download a Word version of the application form here.

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