Energy Centre for Sustainable Communities

Project Summary:

East Sussex Healthy Homes are requesting funding to build on the success of an existing energy efficiency project by targeting a new client group, families on low incomes.   This will include single parent families and those with children with disabilities.  Working with a number of organisations in the area data will be used to identify four zones at particular risk of fuel poverty and target specific households to provide energy efficiency advice and fit energy efficiency measures.  In addition the project will create and deliver fuel poverty awareness sessions, provide training for organisations that work directly with the target group to generate referrals for energy efficient measures and provide energy efficiency advice to the target audience.  The project will also run 'family fun days' to raise energy efficiency awareness directly with the target group. 

Expected Number of Individuals: 1,300

Expected Number of Households: 320

Trustees Meeting: June 2007

Funding Amount Approved: £48,650

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