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Whether they say they’ve come to check your meter, carry out repairs or tell you about new products, unexpected visitors to your door can make you feel uneasy.

To help offer you complete peace of mind, ScottishPower has special security measures in place through the Carefree scheme. As a Carefree member, you can choose a personal password to help you identify callers.

Your password is given only to staff who need to visit your home, so you can check quickly and easily that any visitors claiming to be from ScottishPower are telling the truth. Don’t be embarrassed to ask – it only takes a minute and we are happy to help.

Customer Services - Carefree Piece Of Mind

Personal Piece Of Mind

As individuals, we all have our own special needs. That’s where ScottishPower can help. By joining the Carefree scheme you can benefit from a range of services to help make your life easier.

Catering To Your Personal Needs

Whether you’re partially sighted and would like your bill read to you over the phone, or whether you rely on your electricity supply for vital medical equipment, through the confidential Carefree register ScottishPower can make sure that, whatever your needs, we’ve got them covered.

Our Carefree package also includes a free telephone helpline which means you can speak to specially trained staff whenever you need to.

Protected Services

Even more peace of mind!

Through Carefree you also have the added peace of mind of Protected Services.

Allow someone to speak on your behalf

You can give the name of a friend or relative who will be able to speak to ScottishPower about your bill on your behalf. They don’t have to pay your bill, but can help you sort out any payment problems.

Join today!

To join the Carefree or Protected Payment Schemes Protected Service Register or for more information on how they it can work for you, please contact a ScottishPower Customer Service representative.

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